Ryan Jankovic


Ryan Jankovic joins Conquer Accelerator as 2018's Entrepreneur-in-Residence. He is the President/CEO of CleanStart Surgical, as well as Enterprise Sales Consulting, LLC. CleanStart focuses on manufacturing automated washers, providing cleaning systems and service to healthcare sterile processing departments. Prior to CleanStart, Ryan spent the majority of his career in leadership positions within sales, marketing, management, and business development at Stryker.  In his nine years with Stryker, Ryan played roles in launching ten products to market, two acquisitions, and record product sales in several categories. In 2012, Ryan became the VP of Strategic Development for Tekna, a medical device product design and development company, before founding Enterprise Sales Consulting in 2013. He has served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence with both Spartan Innovations and Spectrum Health Innovations. Ryan earned his BBA from Western Michigan University and his MBA from Michigan State University. He also completed a specialized business leadership course at Harvard Business School.