Artificially Intelligent Machineshop (AIM)

AIM is the next generation machine shop that dramatically reduces the fabrication time of manufacturing equipment through the use of automation and robotics.

Industrial manufacturing equipment is custom designed with a specific manufacturing process in mind. These custom “in house” machines are having many unique parts made by machine shops. The current manufacturing processes machine shops use to fabricate these custom parts result in the parts being expensive and they can take a long time to fabricate. For example, even small orders (a jig, fixture or new tooling) generally have lead times of four weeks. In the manufacturing world, time is of the essence.

Currently, every custom part requires an operator to be present at the start of the machining process every step of the way. Here at AIM, we’ve designed machines capable of fabricating manufacturing equipment without an operator present. This means that parts are lower-cost, free of human errors, and have faster turnaround times. A machine shop’s biggest limitation is the machinist. Our vision is an automated machine shop that works seamlessly 24/7 making customized parts and machine housing for our customers.